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We have a number of used bikes for sale that have been donated to us or that we have bought new and used for our rentals. They are all in great working order and are warranted for 30 days. One of our main objectives is to get more people on bikes, so we offer great values. But, we also need to pay the rent, etc. It is helpful if you email or call if you are interested in a specific bike listed below because we have a limited amount of space and some of the bikes (*) are stored elsewhere than the Hut.

Our current stock includes:
Some small bikes for kids – $20 to $80
Department store bikes – $100 or less, when available
Small Specialized Stumpjumper $350
Small Trek and Specialized Road Bikes 49cm $400 to $600
Small Trek 4500 mountain bike like new $400 (*)
Small Gary Fisher Hoo Koo I Koo $400 (*)
Extra Large Fuji 29er Nevada 2.0 like new $600 (*)
Keith Bontrager original large mountain bike $800 (*)
Mountain bikes from $135 to $325
Indian Brand 3speed English Racer style – $200
1962 Schwinn Debbie balloon tire cruiser, good paint $200 (*)
<1948 Schwinn girls balloon tire cruiser, repainted $175

Raleigh Professional- 1972 64cm Original Campy, Phil Wood hubs, excellent condition. $1000 (*)

Used Breezer Greenway hybrids in various sizes $350 – $550

Used Breezer Uptown EX city bikes $325

Fiorelli 1980s 58cm $800

Holdsworth 1970s 58cm $600

Coppi 1970s 60cm 60cm $500

See pictures at Recent additions

Park Work stand with heavy base; other work stands as well.

Assorted fully functional bikes with great personalities ~$150 to $250

All bikes come with 30 day free maintenance.

Some basic tips on buying a used bicycle:

Questions? Please send an emailĀ  to


Raleigh Professional

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